• Mivalti


    MPI Mivalti, a care and counselling centre for people with a handicap in Tielt, had spent a number of years looking for an affordable solution for its problems encountered during night duty. One of these was to ensure that employees on night duty could take prompt action if any of the residents left their room or entered areas where they were not allowed to go. A second problem was the constant checking of the rooms of patients with epilepsy.

    Thanks to an ingenious system of camera surveillance (both in the communal areas and in specific rooms), staff on night duty are notified on their smartphone. So when someone comes into the camera’s detection zone, employees can see the image on their smartphone and then take appropriate action accordingly. The communication server can be set up so that employees can elect only to receive images between certain times or when unusual activity is observed.

    The Telecom-IT solution now provides effective operation, which in turn has a positive effect on the care staff and their residents.


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