PRoF+ Patient Room of the Future

  • PRoF+ Patient Room of the Future

    PRoF+ Patient Room of the Future

    PRoF, located in Poperinge, is a European Care Think Tank that puts all of its recommendations each year into a practical project. These projects always involve a totally innovative concept in which model rooms are built based on 10 or so keywords that are binding for each project (incl. innovation, non-stigmatising, comfort, etc.) This has already resulting in 4 innovative rooms:

    - The Patient Room of the Future
    - The Lifetime Home of the Future
    - The Care Room of the Future
    - The Recovery area of the Future

    This think tank has been operating since 2009 and consists of a consortium of architects, manufacturers, developers, integrators, user groups, social representatives and educational and knowledge institutions. Today, the PROF consortium has almost 300 members and the concept has already been rolled out on a European level. Telecom-IT contributed its communication technology to this innovative concept across the various projects so that all of the technologies have been geared seamlessly to one another. If you would like to visit one of the rooms, please get in contact with us – there’s no obligation.

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    Prof 4.0 : Patient Recovery Room of the Future.
    Movie 'Patient Recovery Room of the Future'

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