Communication server

Interested in a telephone system/communication server? Opt for Telecom-IT

Telecom-IT distributes Mitel communication servers and adds an application layer to meet all of your expectations. Three reasons why we are able to provide you with the ideal level of support:

  • we don’t sell products as such, but solutions that integrate data, voice and video
  • our internal R&D department will make your wildest dreams come true. Challenge us to prove it
  • we see telecommunications as a continuous 'service'. See our managed services solutions

Mitel and Telecom-IT: strength in 'collaboration'

Mitel is the business expert behind 2 billion calls, chats and social messages per day.

What do Mitel and Telecom-IT have to offer?

MiVoice telecommunication servers

MiVoice Office 400 telephone systems are synonymous with modern business communication with a guaranteed future. MiVoice Office 400 can be rolled out for between 4 and 600 users; ideal for use in a small or medium-sized company, as well as for public institutions. We distribute two variants: the MiVoice Office 430 and the MiVoice Office 470.

MiVoice400 productsheet

MiVoice Business and its unified communications platform meet every communication need. By using the extensive set features, applications and capabilities, you can customise your system and make you easy to reach. MiVoice Business is designed for organisations with 5 to 65,000 users and more than one location – local or worldwide. Plus, your continuity is assured thanks to Mitel's 40 years of experience in telephone systems.
MiVoice Business product sheet

MiCollab and MiContact Center

Mitel MiCollabMiCollab enables you to work as a team simply and productively, regardless of your location. Mitel MiCollab is all about combining working together, mobility and messaging in a single solution. The result: your employees can always be reached on any device via any application. The video below clearly demonstrates all MiCollab features. Interested or perhaps a question arose while watching the video? Contact us and we'll be sure to help you out.

Mitel MiContact Center Solutions keep small, medium-sized and large organisations totally accessible. Whether it’s by telephone, multimedia or even social media, MiContact Centre solutions help organisations to achieve the service level expected by their customers. They also offer the ability to control the productivity of employees and keep operating costs under control.

The right solution in the spotlight: Mitel MiVoice Video Phone

The MiVoice Video Phone is designed to be used in meeting spaces and makes videoconferencing much easier. Simply start a telephone or video meeting and never have to pay more for each meeting. For example, participants can allow each other to see material they want to show. They also have direct access to cloud services such as Google Docs and Dropbox, so that they can easily share files.

Looking for a communication server tailored for your organisation?

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