Indoor smartphone coverage

Also make calls disruption-free indoors with the smartphone

Get smartphone signals indoors with Telecom-IT

Stricter radiation standards, new insulation values and modern building materials weaken smartphone signals indoors. That’s why we teamed up with the carriers to find a solution to this problem for you:

  • we come to see you with specialised measuring equipment and produce a coverage report,
  • we ask the carrier for official permission to use its frequency,
  • we install band-selective repeaters, fully approved and in line with the law,
  • result: making calls inside buildings with a mobile or smartphone becomes a pleasure again.

Do you really want to know whether it could be so simple in your building?

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Iveco now available by mobile thanks to a repeater

"Because of the way our buildings are constructed, we had a poor mobile signal at some of the IVECO sites. Telecom-IT came along with specialised measuring equipment and provided us with a professional solution using a repeater connected with indoor antennas. Now we can make calls in the office over the mobile network without any problem, which means we are easy to get hold of by our customers!"
Peter Maenhout, Managing Director,