LynX® communication & alarm server

People on the move present a challenge

  • The world is becoming borderless:
    homeworking, flexible workstations, operations across the entire campus, multi-sites, mobile workers, nurses working in over-occupied units, etc.
  • What’s the best way to reach these 'mobile road warriors'?
    How can alarms (fire alarm, nurse calls, front door bell, intrusion detector, server down, etc.) reach you and your ‘available’ employees? And do so both day and night, both internally and externally, without disturbing ‘passive’ people unnecessarily?
    >> Forget classic telecoms solutions; the LynX® EcoSystem provides the answer.

LynX® replaces/supplements your classic telephony and provides you with:

  • Software on your PC with all telephony features and alarm overviews, wallboard for reception
  • Smart devices, as required, when these people are mobile
  • Telephone devices for frequent callers and reception
  • Overview via wallboard on smart TV's or large displays. Ideal for reception, nursing on-call, dispatch, meeting rooms
  • Camera pictures (surveillance, videophone, etc.) and video communication to your smart device
  • Sensors and tools for managing alarm situations
  • Links with your existing systems: nurse call, fire detection, intrusion control, building management system, home robotics, ...
  • ...

So, it’s the end of the road for ‘static telephony’ and those nonstop-ringing phones with no one picking up, the not knowing what’s going on in your company or establishment. Via the LynX® EcoSystem, staff are always linked virtually with the business of institution by mobile phone or the Wi-Fi network. They receive alarms according to colour code, they have identical telephone functions with the status summary for all employees and, most of all, they are flexible. The possibilities are endless.

Your LynX® added values:

  • you are able to work intelligently thanks to smart devices/smartphones: same functions, greater experience
  • you can be reached wherever you are via the device you are familiar with: better customer contact, a single number.
  • you save on cabling (DECT, LAN, etc.). Wireless all the way!
  • you save time with the visual busy indicator for your colleagues (diary, status, etc.). Including on smartphone!
  • you are alerted to critical situations. Alarms are issued ‘automatically’ and ‘instantly’.
  • you are linked visually by camera surveillance, videophony, video calls, etc.
    > To sum up, everyone is able to work a lot more efficiently

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