Telecom consultancy

Optimised billing of your telecom, Internet, data or television in the twinkling of an eye!

Pay a whole lot less for your telecom bill

Do you think that your telecom bill is too expensive? That’s very likely to be the case, because 70% of companies pay 30% too muchfor their telecoms. It’s time to draw a line under paying too much. We have optimised over 1000 customers in terms of voice, Internet, IP-VPN or TV/Multimedia.

Check your bill. Then you’ll see...

  • calls that are often expensive, both national and international
  • calls to your own colleagues that have been charged for
  • all sorts of telephone options that you often don’t need
  • slow Internet connections, without the right volume bundles
  • all sorts of subscriptions that you have the faintest idea about

We will analyse your telecom bill for you – free and with no obligation

Telecom-IT will examine your communication costs at no charge to you, with no obligation for you and in total confidence. We look at the whole cost centre for your mobile and fixed telephony, your Internet connection, the maintenance costs for your telecommunications, as well as the operation of your communication server, smartphones and other devices.

Trust in Telecom-IT

"For every company (Noki, Farbo, Livarti) that I start up or am involved in, I always opt for my partner Telecom-IT.
Because of their professional approach, we have always taken the right decisions when it comes to telecoms.
It is certainly a company that I would recommend when it comes to looking for the right telephony solution. "

Dieter Spriet & Dirk Allaert


Want to know how much you can save on your telecom bill?

Make an appointment We will analyse your current communication costs (voice, data and Internet).