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Wi-Fi connects you for voice, video and data applications.
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Telecom-IT is the specialist in installing and maintaining Wi-Fi networks for accessing voice, data and video. The Wi-Fi network can also replace a cordless DECT system with ease. Current smartphones, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are ubiquitous and equipped to make calls via Wi-Fi. The result: you can be reached on your internal number and have access both to your software and the Internet.

Everything will soon connect with the Internet (IoT). We will select the right Wi-Fi architecture to suit you.

Internet of Things (IoT) ) is already widely present in devices, sensors, cloud services, data, etc. and is predicted that between 37 and 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020. So don’t delay – contact Telecom-IT. We distribute two leading brands, each with a different Wi-Fi architecture. You can also come to us for switches and security.

 MERU Single Channel architecture
Single channel wifi network Switching en security Multi channel wifi network


Wi-Fi knowledge centre: site survey, assessment, problem-solving.

You shouldn’t start with Wi-Fi Voice over Wlan (VoWlan) applications without good preparation. A WLan site survey is essential for subsequent optimum operation later. With its many years of experience and more than 100 project installations behind it, Telecom-IT has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, so that it is able to understand all Wi-Fi environments, guide/monitor Wi-Fi processes and – in particular – analyse problems. We have all the software and equipment needed to successfully complete every task set up! We analyse Wi-Fi networks of all sorts of brands, even if they were not purchased from us.

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