Networking & security


The basic building block for a good VoIP network is the network switch

ZyXEL switches are of premium quality. They are also very dependable and highly recommended by telecom purposes. There is a comprehensive range of switches so that you will always find the affordable solution you need. Every IP device connects with the PoE switch. These include IP cameras, VoIP telephones, Wi-Fi access points, etc.

How do you determine your choice of switch? We’ll help you.

  • Type: (web)managed, unmanaged or core
  • Locatie: rackmounted or desktop model
  • Number & type of connections: 8, 24, 48, etc., choice between RJ45 or fibre optic
  • Required speed: fast or gigabit Ethernet, 10 GB, 40 GB, etc
  • Choice of management type and PoE: layer 2 or 3, PoE?
  • Options required: redundancy, IPv6, etc


Security and services

ZyXEL is one of the biggest suppliers of Internet solutions. It’s not for nothing its vision is called “Make the World Connect”. To make this ‘connection’ as secure as possible, ZyXel provides a series of security products: a Business series called ‘Unified Security Gateway (USG)’ and a ‘high-range ZyWALL’. So there’s something for everyone!


ZyXel USG Business:
- ensures secure VPN communication
- all-in-one firewall/router

ZyWALL high-range series:
- for ultra-fast VPN connections
- ideal for multi-site solutions
- firewall/router for the 'high performer'