Single-channel architecture

Meru Networks and Telecom-IT: #1 in a mobile world

Meru Networks has the same mission as Telecom-IT : to enable businesses and institutions to operate totally wirelessly preferably using smart devices. That’s why Meru provides top quality in intelligent, high-performance and dependable Wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions that are straightforward to manage. This is extremely important if you want to activate mobile telecommunications on the Wi-Fi network. Bring Your Own Device, in other words all mobile devices and applications require a consistently stable service from your Wi-Fi network.

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Benefits of 4th generation Wi-Fi

Flexible expansion
Airtime fairness
Seamless roaming
High density Wlan
Designed voor 'mobility'
Virtual cell
  • Flexible expansion: the network can be adjusted very simply, as though you were just adding a lamp
  • Airtime fairness & air traffic control: no burden of 'slow' clients on your network
  • Seamless roaming: any smart device can roam > BYOD!
  • High-density WLan: challenge the Meru network
  • Made for 'mobility': the controller drives the Wi-Fi network, not the (slow) user/client
  • Virtual cell: you have a number of different challenges in your network

Capacity of up to 5000 Access Points and 50,000 clients

Meru has a wide range of controllers, access points and cloud services of the very highest quality.
Meru WLAN product portfolio 

Meru Centre: a wireless application platform

Meru Center has two types of server (ServerAppliances) for applications focusing on WLAN management and security. The SA250 focuses on SMEs, while the SA2000 is aimed at large companies/institutions. The servers also come in VE (Virtual Edition).

  • EzRF Network Manager: management of detailed real-time and historical data (up to 6 months ago)
  • Meru Connect: simple guest access for any OS
  • Spectrum Manager: convert your APs into spectrum analysers
  • Service Assurance Manager: picks up potential problems and predicts the reaction of your network

Meru innovation platform, future proof

AP832, 802.11ac

Meru recently introduced its new access point that is up to 40% faster than Cisco and 100% faster than Aruba!

Wifi location architecture

It’s possible! Locating users based on the RSSI of their device. Three access points carry out triangulation and are able to locate the client to within a distance of 7 to 10 metres. The ‘client’ might be a smartphone, but it can also be a hardware device connected to Wi-Fi, such as clothing (tag), infusion pump, etc.