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Telecom-IT, established in 1998 by Filip Gelaude and Stefan Danschotter, specialises in telecommunications solutions for the healthcare sector and business-to-business, both nationally and internationally. We believe firmly in the integration of smartphones and WiFi as part of the overall telecoms network so that we can enjoy a seamless experience of 'communication' and 'alarming' via voice, data and video. At the beginning of 2015, Tom Messiaen joined our management team. He will work with 35 other enthusiastic colleagues to provide professional support for our customers.

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Values, vision and mission


  • Respectful:  mutual respect with an open mind
  • Innovative:  forward-looking, research, leadership
  • Dynamic:  flexible, team spirit, go-getter
  • Yes we can:  problem-solving, no excuses


Telecom-IT invests in research for (mobile) telecommunications solutions and the development of the software to go with them. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge, you as our customer are perfectly placed to make optimum use of your telecom solutions: Telecom-IT integrates voice, data and video seamless for you.


At Telecom-IT we aim to create added value and satisfaction for our customers, partners and staff.
For that reason, we seek to:

  • use technological innovation to play a pioneering role for sustainable mobile telephony over Wi-Fi (VoWlan),
  • gain name recognition and awareness in both healthcare and B2B,
  • make service and flexibility for our customers a priority (24/7/365),
  • be the ‘thinking-with-you’ telecoms partner to increase performance and lower operating costs,
  • achieve synergies with partners that create added value for everyone.

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